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20 April 2012

Low Grades Spark Action

Low Grades Spark Action

There are plans for a website, social media presence, letter, door to door information all in an effort to educate about the creek. 


Yup, that'll fix it.

How about going upstream and talking to the guys who dump shit into the creek like the farmers of Oxford?

That's where the problem comes from predominantly...livestock runoff, improper nutrient management on the farm, and of course, the usage of risky pesticides and insecticides that runoff into the local fresh water supply.

 Hanging some pictures up and leaving junk mail at peoples' door won't do anything. How about big fines for the hundreds of thousands...and bigger fines for recidivists. 


  1. Anonymous7:40 AM

    It's all about appearing to be "doing something." It doesn't matter if the something they are doing will solve the stated problem. "Doing something" will permit them to make grandiose public statements to the effect that they are "doing something." That's what matters.

    ps: Expect "raising awareness" to figure prominently in subsequent press releases.

    pps: Expect everyone involved to pat one another on the back for "doing something."

    ppps: Expect no improvement in Cedar Creek.

  2. I think they raised awareness in me....I realize now that they are mostly fucking liars in charge:)


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